1 - Général conditions

The general conditions of sale descript below are purposed to define relations between MK35 EDITIONS, the address of which is Chemin des Espérettes 30200 Saint-Laurent de Carnols, France, and the customer using the Webshop http:/www.mk35.com and accepting the present general conditions of sale. All representing informations about in this site are only given as estimation and can be modified by MK35 EDITIONS without advice. The only confirmation of an order online on the Webshop means unconditional acceptance of the present General Conditions of Sale.

2 - Prices

The prices of our products are indicated in Euro without handling and shipping costs. All orders are payable in Euro. MK35 EDITIONS keeps the right to modify prices at any time but products will be charged on the basis of the current rates at registration time. Products remain MK35 EDITIONS property until payment is totally completed. The amount is payable the day when placing the order.

3 - Products

The characteristics of proposed products to be sold are presented on the MK35 EDITIONS Webshop. Photograhs do not enter contractual fields. MK35 EDITIONS responsibility cannot be taken if errors happened. The mentioned informations consist in product category, wording, mark, scale and price. The customers can inquire by e-mail or mail in case they would doubt about the precise nature of an article. 

4 - Orders

Orders can be transmitted by mail, e-mail or online on the MK35 EDITIONS Webshop. No one-cancellation of order will be accepted without preliminary agreement of MK35 EDITIONS. Besides, MK35 EDITIONS keeps the right to refuse the order from a customer in current dispute with would exist.

Our products are proposed with limited stock. Besides, our novelties in preparation can be mentioned on our rates or on our Webshop without details about release dates. The customers can inquire by e-mail or mail of availability before ordering.

5 - Delivery

All items are delivered at the specified customer’s address when placing his order. Delivery process will be initiated after signing up order by the customer and payment totally collected. If the authorization of debit is not obtained, in case of refusal from the bank, order will be automatically put into wait state 15 days, then cancelled.

6 - Delivery time

The orders are treated under 3 to 4 days (postal delay non included). However if a product is momentarily unavailable, the order of the customer will be put into wait state.

7 - Claims

It is the customer’s responsibility in checking and making reserves for the arrival of goods and exercising, if needed, any appeal against the Post office. When receiving products, the customer has at once to verify their outlook and their correspondence regarding to the order. Any claim relative to a defect of delivery goods, to an error in quantities or to an erroneous reference with regard to the order confirmed by MK35 Editions have to be formulated by mail, phone or e-mail within two days of reception of items, otherwise the right of claiming will stop. The customer has to indicate his coordinates, the reference of the product(s) and the reasons of his demand. MK35 Editions will proceed to the exchange. Any return of goods requires the preliminary agreement from MK35 Editions. In any case, the return of goods is under customer’s responsibility for the risks and for the costs. In any case of return, only items unopened and in their original conditions – packaging, accessories, note... - will be accepted.

8 - Method of payment

MK35 Editions proposes several methods of payment :

PAYMENT by credit card : Visa, Eurocard / Mastercard. The validation of the order by credit card means mandate to pay the amount of the order, postal charges included. The customer has the choice between two ways passing his credit card informations.

1) Online giving the credit card informations mentioned here above.

2) By mailing the order form edited through the Webshop, on which he will add the number of his card, the type of card - Visa, Eurocard / Mastercard - the date of validity, the last 3 numbers of the Personal Identification Number -PIN- at the reverse of his credit card, and the name of the bearer of the card.

PAYMENT by bank transfer.

9 - Right of retraction

Within 7 days of delivery, the individual customer has the right of retraction, being entirely paid back – including postal charges – dismissal expenses of goods staying at his expense. However any product incomplete, damaged or dirty will not be resumed. Refusing delivery, leaving package in the Post office, cannot be considered as the expression of the right to refuse any order from a customer who would have already exercised his right of retraction several times.

10 - Property reserve and responsibility

MK35 Editions keeps the property of goods until their complete payment by the customer. The property transfer to the customer occurs when payment is totally completed. Nevertheless, during period between delivery and transfer of property, the risks of losses, thefts or destruction are chargeable to the customer. Non-fulfilment by the customer of the obligations for payment, whatever the cause, confers to MK35 Editions the right to require the immediate restitution of delivered goods, at expenses, risks and responsibility of the customer.

11 - Confidentiality of data

Specific Name data supplied by the customer are not communicated to third parties.